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The dwarves have abandoned the ringing forges and roaring breweries of Vul Buhldar, and in their absence other, less savory things of the dark have taken up residence. The fortress remains sealed, its locks and bridges having been shut in a final act of defiance from the dwarves, turning what was once a proud citadel into a prison of brass and hewn stone. But mankind has always been easily lured by the promise of the unseen, and you are no different in this curiosity.

A strong sword arm is not all you will need, as you must have the cunning and wisdom to solve complex devices, slip past traps, and decipher the riddles of the dwarves in order to find what they have sealed within their fortress... and to ensure that there it remains.

Balrog is a classically inspired RPG adventure, taking influence from everything from Icewind Dale to Moria to create something new and inviting from the familiar old-school grinds. Balrog brings a tight and fun experience to both fans of the classics and new RPG players, putting its focus not on frustrating combat challenges or timing-based reflex but on good old-fashioned adventure and exploration.

Balrog is currently available on Steam. But you can play the free demo and get a taste of the adventure now!

Release date Dec 14, 2019
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorTim Callahan
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsFantasy, Isometric, Medieval, Retro, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Twitter, Facebook


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Came out on Steam last year, I have only now noticed that the post I had scheduled to announce the launch apparently never went up! Apologies for that, I've gone ahead and updated the description.

Well glad to be of service lol I'll check it out on steam!

So I've yet to beat the demo but I'm on it for while, just a few thoughts.

The camera needs a bit of work. The elevator to the mountain can hardly be seen and it's covered by foliage. Same thing goes for goblins in the area as well. I think there needs to be some kind of camera rotation or at least a better way to present items under the foliage.

You can also get stuck on items very easily due to the games (very fun, granted), free/jumpable movement. Might need a stuck option or maybe a better look at the environments. Also, with that said, the Wizard's magic missile tracks enemies that aren't attack-able like the scarecrow/zombie type enemies when they're doing their getup animation. That said, the goblins can you through environments while Magic Missile cannot. 

Otherwise, my only other thoughts was that the casting animation may be a bit too long, and the feedback on using potions could be a lot better, since sometimes I didn't even notice the number go down at all. 

Positively, I'm in love with the tabletop like nature of the game thus far. I hope to see more conversation trees/dungeon crawling with these mechanics as well as interesting combat encounters. Good work! 

Hi, thanks for playing and glad you're enjoying it so far!

I agree on the camera! I'm still toying around with potential solutions that don't inadvertently make things more complicated with another set of hotkeys, but would like to allow a little more freedom of movement on the camera.

Getting stuck on things and line of sight issues are still on the to-do list, since it's a bit hard to keep track of every possible place people get stuck I kind of have to go back in and fix the areas as they are brought to my attention. Definitely want to make both the collisions and the monster lines of sight a bit more intuitive going forward.

Also speaking of intuitive, the potions are on that list too.

Thanks for the feedback, all comments help me to make the game better for everyone!


I played the game for my channel, and have to say that I really enjoyed it!

The start was a little confusing for me, but that might be because I skip through most intros, so perhaps I missed some important information.. Whoops!

Once I got to the actual gameplay, I really loved it. It plays true homage to the old classic RPGs and is definitely worth it for fans of that genre!

Really fun combat, interaction with characters and the general look of the game. It seems to bid a nice variety of quests, and noticed the game is also randomized a bit with every new game?

Unfortunately, I did not get that far in my playthrough, as I got stuck at the gate puzzle, also unsure if that was the correct way of going. Perhaps I simply didn't see it, but I could not find a map, which would have helped me navigate. Again, this might be my own fault as I should pay attention better! 

That all being said, I'll definitely have to try the game again in my spare time.. but for now, I decided to share my first attempt with a video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it!


Thanks for playing!

A lot of the information on where to go and what to watch out for in the beginning is learned through dialogue with the villagers as you guessed. I think a map for the starter area would be a good idea though as I didn't really intend for that area to be so confusing, only to show the multi-approach level design as early as possible.

Glad you enjoyed it in spite of some confusion! Every bit helps to get the word out.