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Created in the space of 48 hours for the 2017 Sarasota Game Jam! Please pardon any glitches and quirks that may arise from this fast-paced origin.

Free your small crew of trapped miners from the collapsed mines - Look out for gas pockets, errant explosives, and the vengeful remains of previous miners, because there's a whole lot of ways that a mine can become a tomb...

Tahoe Bautista - Environment models, Props, Textures
Tim Callahan - Design, Scripting, Integration
Makayla Hensley - Additional VFX
Jordan Grindle - Concept Art, UI Elements, Additional Art
Trevor McTavish - Character models, VFX, Hand-Painted Textures


Undermine v1.0.zip 133 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and enjoy!

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