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Super Sewer Shooter 2K19 is the first iteration of an annual experimental collab project wherein I provide the game, and over the course of a few weeks, the community learns the engine and builds the levels!

This year being the first, none of the participants had any previous experience with Unreal Engine, but quickly picked up on it and built a surprising range of levels, even managing to fiddle around with character feel to get things more similar to old-school retro shooters like Doom. SSS2K19 is a bit rough around the edges, but we're proud of what we have achieved and hope to make next year's an even bigger spectacle - Or perhaps something different altogether?

AuthorTim Callahan

Install instructions

Unzip and open SSS2K19.exe to play!


SSS2K19 v1.2.0.zip 240 MB


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hip hop fps

Great FPS game!! It's too bad I suck at it lol. Keep up the great work!!