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Disaster has befallen the kingdom! A plague has weakened the people with illness and death, while widespread famine leaves the few who are not sick starving. Bandits and highwaymen prowl the roads and lurk in the forests, leaving many trapped in their dying villages. But the sickly king has been blessed with a great vision of a sacred artifact, a legendary Grail of unending, pure water that can restore the land and its people through its power, should it be discovered by worthy hands. You have been chosen by the king to lead a ragtag band of pilgrims on this holy quest, and raise up from their numbers knights who will be worthy of the Grail and its challenges.

Created in 2018 for Ringling College of Art & Design for senior thesis. This game is highly bugged, as the focus of the project was on the visuals, with the gameplay being more of a prototypical proof of concept, so do please forgive any rough edges you may snag on as you play.

Current version is 0.5.1IGF, a slightly updated variation for shows and presentations.

Release date May 08, 2018
AuthorTim Callahan


Grail v0.5.1IGF.zip 445 MB

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